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  1. 300 million people worldwide diagnosed with an anxiety disorder
  2. 19.1% of the US suffer from anxiety.
  3. Parents with children 12-18 with anxiety disorder cannot find effective relief. Children are subjected to psychotropic drugs and cannot secure continuous therapy because it is expensive and non-reimbursed.
  4. Therapists’ availability is far exceeded by demand.


  1. Non-invasive neuromodulation wearable and companion app.
  2. Closed-loop parasympathetic regulation to dynamically deliver therapy, regulating both alertness and relaxation.
  3. App provides dialectical behavioral guidance
  4. With extrinsic wearable and intrinsic regulation, brain is retrained using neuroplasticity to regulate emotions at times of trigger.
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VydaMed, your partner for innovative anxiety and mood treatment technology

Co-founder of VydaMed had severe anxiety disorder as a child. This experience led to the creation of VydaMed, Inc

VydaMed is developing a non-invasive targeted treatment for the control of anxiety and mood disorders. Our technology utilizes closed-loop control to regulate the relaxation / alertness equilibrium and a measurable reduction in anxiety.


Our Product

Safe wearable and Smartphone app. Wearable calms the nervous system extrinsically, while app displays heart rate variability statistics showing when and why the user had a panic attack. App comes with guided therapy techniques to create intrinsic positive thought patterns.

  • Wearable Neuromodulation Device Lowers Anxiety, Extrinsically Regulates Emotions
  • Smartphone App Provides Therapy Guidance To Intrinsically Regulate Emotions

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Will be available in the US once it is developed, tested and FDA-approved


Targeted parasympathetic stimulation.


Dialectical behavioral guidance.


Discreet wireless design without unwanted attention.


Patent-pending closed-loop feedback control for precise regulation of autonomic nervous system.

The Anxiety Epidemic

Anxiety Epidemic in the US

Amidst an unprecedented surge in anxiety levels across the US, the nation has earned the unenviable title of the most anxious country worldwide, with no sign of abatement. The severity of this issue becomes evident when considering that one in eight children are affected by anxiety disorders, with a prevalence of severe anxiety disorder reaching 5.9% over their lifetime.

Diverse Manifestations of Anxiety

Anxiety manifests in diverse and distressing forms, with Generalized Anxiety Disorder being the most prevalent diagnosis. Its symptoms span from mild discomforts to life-threatening situations, affecting individuals both physically and psychologically.

Challenges with Traditional Approaches

While therapy stands as a viable solution, it may not always be accessible or ideal. The cost of therapy, whether through private or public practices, often becomes a barrier, and the overwhelming demand for treatment has led to a shortage of available practitioners. Moreover, finding the right therapist, with whom patients can form a meaningful connection, presents challenges. The limited frequency of therapy sessions, typically occurring biweekly, makes it challenging to address anxiety in real-time when not in treatment.

The Need for Real-Time Interventions

Despite the merits of therapy and prescription medications for long-term healing, there exists an urgent need for immediate interventions to manage anxiety in the moment. The development of effective real-time interventions, Such as VydaMed’s wearable , could provide individuals with much-needed relief and support during acute episodes, supplementing traditional approaches for a comprehensive and holistic approach to anxiety management.

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Our Revolutionary Solution

VydaMed’s cutting-edge non-invasive neuromodulation device will revolutionize anxiety management by regulating the release of stress hormones in the body, including epinephrine and cortisol. The key focus is on activating the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system, achieved through a sophisticated closed-loop feedback system that continuously monitors stress-related vital signs and responds by stimulating the Vagus Nerve, a pivotal branch of the parasympathetic nervous system. Notably, the Company’s device empowers users with complete control over the initiation and termination of treatment.

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